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Supply 55 - Guardian Laminators, BannerPRO Hemming System, Eco-Solvent Ink, ReelPRO take-up system


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LED Maintenance Thoughts - Opening up a new business model that will make your customer happy and keep you in the service business.
With the almost total acceptance of LED for channel letters and increasing use of dedicated modules for cabinet lighting, our industry has to look at the long term effects of such a liability free product.

Not So Hidden Fees from Your Local Municipalities - PERMITS
Towns charge permit fees. This is not news to sign companies. But some spiraling permit costs may require a little more review to assure the sign permit fees are not revenue-raising devices. Read on...

What is Driving LED Cabinet Lighting?
What is pushing LEDs into the sign cabinets your business sells? Is it LEEDS, 'going green,' the end user, or you?

Sign Software in Action
Discover how signmakers are using industry specific sign software to raise revenues, increase production - and get creative.

Light Boxes for Retail Display - Saving Dollars with New Technology
Are all retail light boxes created equal? New developments in retail light box technology and demands for more sophisticated and energy efficient merchandising and display products may be signaling the demise of standard light box technology.

It Costs How Much? Determining What It Costs to Sell Your Signs the Right Way.
Pricing your products or services sold is determined first by costing. Do you have any idea of what it costs to sell a sign or banner? For that matter, what does it cost to open the doors to your sign business each day? Pertinent questions that will influence your pricing.

The Many Colors of White LED
The battle for white LEDs is going to be fought application by application and lumen by lumen.

LEDs: 'Channeling' More Opportunities to Sign Makers
Technology advancements continually improve the way sign companies conduct business. One of the segments of the sign industry advancing quickly due to new technology is the electrical sign industry, and specifically, the illuminated channel letter segment.

High Brightness LEDs Shine On
Light Emiting Diodes (LEDs) have distinguished themselves as a highly unique and significant lighting source that has both immediate and far reaching consequences for the sign industry.

The Sign Challenges of a Arctic Canadian Winter
Selkirk Signs teams with TIR Systems to solve the cold hard challenges of signage for Federated Co-op chain of stores.

LED, Fiber and Neon Now: A Perspective from Experience
Educating yourself on the many nuances of LED, fiber optics and neon can help you to develop better solutions, enhance customer service and offer a more intelligent look at options for your clients.

Lighting Up with LEDs
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are increasingly playing a larger role in both the architectural and signage market. Over the past few years, more and more LED system providers are offering LED channel lighting products and more are expected to enter this field.

Channel Letter Lighting...To Be LED or Not To Be?
Channel letters fill a need for corporate IDs and building identity programs on the sides of building and have done so for decades. Times are changing and more than filling a need is that the channel letters are now filled in terms of their lighting source.

More On Led Applications & Technology
Do you know just how fast LED technology is changing?

Recognizing LED LightingTechnology for Sign Use
The technology of LED lighting has greatly improved over the last few years and is constantly dropping in price and getting brighter across the spectrum, resulting in new applications for its use in sign illumination and border lighting.

The Basics of Fiber Optics, LED and Neon
A basic summary and history of the evolution of Neon, Fiber Optics and LED

Formula For Success
People Management

Effective Customer Interaction
'Dealing with Difficult Customers'

Setting Schedules: Creating Service Out of Order
Late signs or are your jobs off schedule?


3M - ENVISION that optimizes LED Lighting- Translucent & Diffuser Film
Click above for more info.

Sign Lighting Fixtures

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NEW Fiery, Fierce & Fizzy Color Options from 3M
Incite jaw-dropping reactions with Fiery Orange, Fierce Fuchsia, and Raspberry Fizza few of the 18 new colors in the 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 line. No printing, no overlaminate, just open the box and start wrapping. View all 75 finishes, textures and colors online.

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Helpful hints and tips for taking an awesome LED Display photograph
Digital signs looks great, but they can be difficult to photograph here are some tips wed love to share with you.


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